Giveaways Network

Increase your promotion’s reach with the Giveaways Network

The Giveaways Network is comprised of multiple channels that any user can access to browse current promotions powered by PromoSimple. Campaigns are distributed through the Giveaways Directory, websites, widgets, email and social media.

Opting into the Giveaways Network takes only 1-click. Once live, the campaign will be distributed across the network, reaching a diverse audience beyond your standard CRM programs and attracting new customers for your product and website. All aspects of the listing are customizable, including images, headlines and the URL that is accessible by users throughout the network.

Email Newsletter

Giveaways are distributed through an ever-growing weekly newsletter to drive awareness and increase entries.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn are utilized to spread the word about giveaways.

Widgets and Feeds

The Giveaways Directory and partner websites syndicate feeds and utilize widgets to offer visitors access to promotions.

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