All the tools needed to run your own giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests.


Build custom promotions.

Browse through commonly used entry methods, like gathering new fans on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram. Enable integrations for email service providers including Constant Contact, MailChimp and Mad Mimi to auto-subscribe your entrants to email newsletter lists or create your own entry requirements and reward entrants for completing  bonus entries.


Rapidly increase your Facebook fan base by including 'Liking' a Page or URL as an entry option.


Ask entrants to Tweet about your promotion or become your Follower on Twitter.


Gain momentum for your Instagram account by rewarding 'Likes' and 'Follows'.


Build brand awareness by encouraging users to Pin images or become your Follower.

Official Rules Generator

Enter the basic details of your promotion and let the generator create Official Rules for your promotion.

Polls & Surveys

Include poll, survey and quiz questions within your sweepstakes to further engage your entrants and gather user information.


Customize your entry form design.

Once you’ve determined what is required for entering your promotion it’s time to take advantage of the easy-to-use tools to modify the layout and design of your entry form. Add images and prize descriptions to generate excitement. Select a template and theme or create your own uniquely designed entry forms and microsite landing pages for your promotion.

WYSIWYG Designer

Simple WYSIWYG editor allows you to design Facebook & Microsite pages with absolutely no design experience.

Templates & Themes

Select from multiple templates and a variety of colorful themes to find a design that fits your website's branding.

Custom Designs

Easy-to-use tools help you to craft uniquely designed entry forms with fonts and colors that represent your brand identity.

Facebook Pages

Create your own content to show within a Facebook Page Tab using HTML/CSS and/or our WYSIWYG editor.

Entry Confirmation

Display a custom design or message to display to users once they've completed the promotion's required entry section.

Microsite Design

Build microsite landing pages with images, HTML, CSS and more for a completely branded user experience.

Custom Layouts

Choose to display or hide elements in your entry form including 'days left' and 'total entries to date.'

Upload Images

Add and edit your own images to entry forms and generate excitement for your brand and sweepstakes prize.

White Label

Use our White Label option to build entry forms without any mention of PromoSimple - perfect for agencies.


Amplify awareness for your campaign.

Attract new customers and increase the volume of entrants for your campaign by utilizing our promotion tools. Opt into the giveaways network to access new audiences on websites and social media. Enabling Refer A Friend rewards entrants for encouraging their friends to enter. Add the PromoBar to your website to draw attention to your sweepstakes, decrease bounce rates and capture your visitor’s information.

Refer A Friend

Reward users when their friends enter through links that they've shared via Facebook, Twitter & more.

Giveaways Network

Opting into the Giveaways Network gives you access to new audiences on websites, newsletters and social media.


Engage your website visitors and decrease bounce rates by putting your campaign front and center with the PromoBar.

Embed Anywhere

Add entry forms to your websites, blogs and Facebook pages. Run a single campaign on multiple websites simultaneously.

Website Widgets

Add widgets to your websites to allow users to browse all of your currently active sweepstakes.

Mobile Friendly

Entry forms that are designed to work across all devices. Auto-redirect from Facebook tabs for mobile users.


Gain insights into campaign performance.

As soon as your campaign starts you can access clear and concise reports to monitor performance. Utilize real-time reporting to evaluate the performance of your campaigns.  Access reports that display daily and geographic trends for your entrants or drill down to view specific details for any entrant or entry, including automatically collected data like IP address and entry timestamps. Export any report at any time to analyze your data in spreadsheets.

Real-time Data

View your data in real-time to evaluate the performance of your campaign.

Exportable Reports

Download any report or data view to CSV spreadsheets for analysis.

Trend Reporting

Gain insights into your entrants with daily and geographic trend reports.

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